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    Blue Passbook is an event information organizer using customized QR codes that the app recognizes and stores in a collection. Create custom QR codes and include content such as special offers, historical details, bulletins, agendas, videos, custom greetings, etc. Users will enjoy an easy way to find content from their visit to a vendor, meeting, or event.

    Blue Passbook lets you access and store information from QR codes in a convenient organized system.

  • Blue Passbook uses Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. Our app is installable from our website and soon from the Google Play Store. The app is updated in the background so you will not be prompted to update to newer versions.

    To install:

    Google Play (Android) users may install the TEST version of the app from the Google Play Store using this link.

    Any user may install the PWA by following these instructions.

    1. Go to
    2. IOS: 
      1. Tap the “Share” icon in Safari
      2. Select “Add to Home Screen” from the options.
      3. Confirm the installation by tapping the “Add” button.
    3. ANDROID:
      1. Tap “Add to Home Screen” or tap the three dots and then “Add to Home Screen”
    4. Create an account and enter your personal information

    You may provide feedback on the app through our feedback contact form.

  • Do I have to enter my personal information?

    Yes, you may not use Blue Passbook anonymously. By installing the app and creating an account you agree to share your personal information and QR scans with Blue Passbook and vendors related to the QR codes you scan.

  • What are some ways to use this app?

    Keep a log of attendance at meetings, have a record of visiting other clubs, make a scavenger hunt with clues, get special offers from a business, get extra details at an open house, create a virtual tour of your exhibit or facility, etc.

  • How It Works

    1. Scan a Blue Passbook QR Code 
    2. Tap to add the badge to your collection
    3. Get access to content, text, offers, etc